We—five »learning communities in rural Europe« (LCRE) from five European countries—have cooperated over a period of three years from 2014 to 2017 in order to work out principles, guidelines, and methods in connection with setting up and operating places of eco-social learning in structurally weak areas of rural Europe.

Central to our project were the following questions:

  • What do LCRE contribute to society as a whole and in particular to the challenges European societies are facing at present?
  • What are the framework conditions enabling LCRE to beneficially impact society?

Here are our results:

Learning Communities in Rural Europe – A Handbook (PDF, 304 pages)

Gemeinschaftliche Lernorte im ländlichen Europa – Ein Handbuch (Manuskript)

Visit our webinars about informal learning, community building, economics, and regional relationships

Learning Journeys – A Storybook (PDF, 110 pages)

Lernreisen – Ein Lesebuch (Manuskript)

Learning Communities in Rural Europe – Guidelines for Policy Makers (PDF, 24 pages)

Gemeinschaftliche Lernorte im ländlichen Europa – Leitlinien für politische Entscheidungsträger (PDF, 24 Seiten)